Costs for your tandem skydive from 4.000m



The price is what you pay for - quality and safety is what you get

 Tandem from 4.000m  230,- *
 Order from 5 vouchers  220,- */Voucher
 Video of your skydive  100,-
 Photos of your skydive    80,-
 Video- and photos  115,-
 Hand-Cam Photos    50,-**
* Prices are valid up to a weight of 90kg (including clothing)
* Over 90kg + € 30,- . Payable on site.
* From 100kg + € 50,- . Payable on site.
* *Hand-Cam Photos are not available as a voucher - please ask on site
** Hand-Cam Photos can not  booked online - please ask on site
All prices in EUR and subject to change. Errors excepted.
At Skydive Vienna you can pay with cash, all common credit cards and European ATM (Maestro) cards
Please check our general terms and conditions.

Video- / Photo analysis of your parachute jump

The camera flyer stays by your side throughout the jump. Your instructor will discuss your freefall attitude with you. This is especially beneficial if you continue your education after your first tandem jump. In addition you can, together with friends, experience your adventure all over again, edited and set to music. The video will capture the whole experience, from your initia instruction, to the ascent in the aircraft, your freefall, and the landing.

Please let us know when booking your appointment, if you want a camera flyer to accompany you.


If there are no more camera jumpers available, please ask about the hand-cam option on site.


send us e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bank details Para Club Wiener Neustadt

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IBAN: AT49 2011 1837 4654 9200
We would like to point out, that the Para Club Wiener Neustadt is a non-profit, non-commercial sport club. The jump price for our licensed sport jumpers do not cover the real flight costs of our Supervan, one of the fastest and most powerful skydiving aircraft in Europe. As a non-profit, non-commercial association, we promote physical and mental fitness through sporting activity and the practice of parachuting. We offer tandem jumps also for the recruitment of new members, as a mean to achieve our association´s purpose.