All Information About Your Tandem Jump

A tandem jump offers you the possibility to experience freefall, completely safe, after a short instruction-training. Either for yourself or as a present, get the feeling of freedom and adrenalin with the Para Club Wiener Neustadt.

  • Vouchers can be bought online
  • Purchase more than one voucher - each voucher will be sent in a separate massage
  • With the coupon code you can book an appointment online
  • Voucher expired - send voucher code to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • A camera jumper can film only one person in free fall
  • Groups - up to seven tandems can be started together
  • Glasses and contact lenses pose no problem
  • Arrival - please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment (short briefing)
  • Time required - around 60 minutes - please plan with 2-3 hours (wind / clouds / weather)
  • Bad weather - You will be notified by SMS - You can book a new appointment
  • Requirements - min. Size 1,35m / max. Weight 90kg to 120kg surcharge


  • You should be at least 135cm (4'6") tall.
  • No restricktion in age. Minors have to have the xonsent of parants.
  • Weight - max. 120kg with clothing. With more than 90kg (with Clothes) we charge a extra fee for higher strain on the material - extra fee -  to be paid on arrival at the dropzon
  • A generally good bodily condition. If you have doubts after operations, injuries or illnesses please consult a doctor.

Detailed description

Please arrive at the dropzone 30 minutes minimum before your appointment.

Wear loose fitting clothes and trainers. We will give you an overall, a cap, goggles and – if necessary – gloves.  

klick hiere - how to get there

  • Your tandem-instructor will explain the sequence to you, and fits you into a student harness, with which you will be connected to the harness of your tandem-instructor.
  • Flying up to 4000 Meter takes about 12 minutes.
  • After leaving the airplane you will have about one minute of freefall.
  • In more than 1000 Meter above ground your parachute will be opened. Then your tandem master explains to you how to manoever the fully steerable parachute to the ground. Whether you slide gently or go down quickly in spiral turns, it is your decision.


In case the weather conditions are bad, you will be informed by SMS and e-mail in time. The code will be unlocked, so that you can book another date online.

Time required

As there may be delays due to weather or commercial air traffic, please plan for 2 to 3 hours for your tandem jump. Without delays your tandem jump will take one hour.

Tandem jumps for handicapped persons

We are pleased to offer persons with a physical handicap the opportunity of a tandem jump and to experience freefall. For example paraplegia, blindness or other handicaps do not have to keep you from this experience. Please talk to a doctor  before.  As we want to prepare for your special needs, please contact us directly. You can reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Information about our aircraft - you can find here