Tickets and Prices

For licensed skydiver

 Members 4000m  24,-
 as of the 51st Jump  23,- *
 as of the 101st Jump  22,- *

* Creditied to jump-account at the end of the year

Membership Fees

per Year                      130,-
one-time entry fee     130,-

Rentals per jump

Gear 8,-


Teamvideo               for every 8 team-jumps one Video ticket free. Credited at the end of the year
Team support          Registration fee is paid for training teams with PCWN as part of the team name


We accept cash (EUR) and all common credit- and ATM-cards.
We are happy to charge your Austrian bank account directly as well.

Tandem & Students

You can find prices for tandems on our info-page for tandem-skydivers.

Bank details Para Club Wiener Neustadt

Erste Bank
IBAN: AT49 2011 1837 4654 9200
All prices in EUR and subject to change. Errors excepted.