Having successfully completed your licence, of course you desire to jump with others!
In order to keep the situations safe, you need to become aware of the dangers and risks, on top of all the fun.
To prepare for jumping in groups, you should definitely team up with experienced jumpers at first.
Coaches and load organizers enable faster and more efficient learning than just falling out of the plane on your own.
Video analysis helps us to identify mistakes and thus supports your learning efforts instantly and efficiently.
Check in with the manifest or at the school, and they will be able to pair you with a suitable person for your level and interest.
Plan your jump and jump your plan!

The first step is the one by one – programme (OBO)

In this programme you learn how to approach others, and move safely in a group.
These skills will make your group jumps more safe and way more fun.
 This programme can be started right after obtaining your licence, and helps new jumpers progress quickly and more safely before jumping with others.

Relative Work / Belly Flying

A certain variety of grip taking (body contact) with other jumpers. Depending on the size of the group, the group is being briefing (planning) and training on the ground, so that this sequence can be repeated as often as possible in freefall.

Artistic: Freefly, Freestyle, VFS

These disciplines include any body positions other than belly flying. As you move in any possible direction (all three axes ), it is much more difficult for beginners to keep track of your position.
For these skills it is extremely important to work with a coach, as the progress is safer and more efficient.
Although artistic coaching is possible right after obtaining your licence, it is usually not successful, as beginners often turn into satellites (spread all over the sky), which can lead to dangerous situations. Due to higher velocities and difficult body positions we suggest coaching either from experienced jumpers, one of our load organizers or even in the wind tunnel to get started.
(also special equipment features are required for freefly !)


For experienced skydivers with a minimum of 200 jumps there is the possibility to learn how to wingsuit. A wingsuit not only allows you to cover enormous horizontal distance, but also to double or even triple the normal free fall time.

At first you jump with a coach and small wing areas, later you can form formations and use wingsuits with medium or large wing areas. There are competitions in speed, time and distance as well as artistic flying.
You must have a First Flight Course to begin wingsuiting in LOXN, these courses are also offered at paraclub from time to time.
CAUTION: not all types of wingsuits are allowed in wiener neustadt. Questions? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Canopy Control,  CP, Swooping

The most interesting discipline for spectators, as everything happens close to the ground, preferably above water.
 Jumpers exit at 1500 m / 4500 ft and open their canopy immediately. From that moment on they prepare for landing.
 Occasionally we offer canopy control course with international coaches, they will be announced separately. When you stop by the dropzone, feel free to ask for experienced canopy pilots on the dropzone, they will be keen to guide you.

Further offers

The Paraclub is trying to have specialists for different disciplines at the dropzone. There will be load organizers on some days of the season, best to stay up to date is by following our facebook or instagram account.  
If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.