The Dropzone

Our club was founded in 1972, has significantly influenced the development in parachute sport and has become one of the largest parachute clubs in Austria. Our most experienced members have decades of experience.
With us you will find parachute instructors and tandem masters with over 11,000 jumps.
Our dropzone is at Flugplatz Wr.Neustdt West, also called LOXN. It is situated about 40 km / 25 mi south of Vienna, 30 minutes by car, and can also easily be reached by train. By the way, Wr.Neustadt is the oldest and biggest grass airfield in Europe.


During the main season from end of March to beginning of September we jump at weekends and holidays from 8 o’clock in the morning to sunset.
Until September we also jump on Fridays in the afternoon from 3 p.m.
Apart from that we organize special jump weeks in summer, when you can jump all week through. Check our calendar,  that is where you find all the dates.
Off season we sometimes try to get a load up in the air. If you are interested check our facebook fan page.



Hangar & Packing Area

Our hangar offers all the amenities needed for a successful day of skydiving:
Covered packing area, generously sized
Creepers for dirtdiving and perfect smooth surface for creeping
Video stations for briefing
• The manifest
Dummy harness
Soft drinks and coffee vending machines
Seating area to relax and hang around
Free wifi
Free beer after sunset

Shop & Rigger

Hamster is our rigger, he is the person to be asked about maintenance, repair and spare parts. If you have any questions concerning your equipment, he will advise you and help you out.
Hamster nearly always has his magic case with him, and he can do small repairs or urgent reserve packings right away. If you are thinking of buying a new or used harness or parachute or extras you can ask him.

Rental Gear


If you don’t own your own gear, you can rent a gear or helmet from us (in many sizes), please let us know in advance. All systems are equipped with Cypres AAD.

Camping & Sanitation

Next to the hangar is our own campground. It is possible to put up your tent or camper for the weekend.
Please ask in advance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
If you want to stay longer – no problem! We ask you to pay a small fee which allows you to connect to electricity, water and sewage.
In the hangar you find a bathroom with showers and you can also use the washing machine.
If you do not own a tent or caravan you can stay at our bunkhouse, but please bring your own linen or sleeping bag.